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long time, no blog!

Lately things have been pretty crazy! Track really picked up after I blogged last, then I was doing both track & soccer, then just soccer. School ended with finals (going 9 days late due to the massive ice storm that we had here in Kentucky!!). Then of course the mayhem of summer break. I started off with going to VBS & BreakAway at my church. The next week I went to BigStuf Camp. This year was particularly special to me. Something about the messages seemed to really really sink in & get to me this year. It wasn’t about meeting people, it wasn’t about the beach. It was about spending time with the amazing girls that God has blessed me with & the Lord of All. Three friends & I began to sponsor a child through Compassion at camp, her name is Cornelia & she is beautiful. After all this I went on a boat trip with my family to Dale Hollow Lake, spent a week at Kentucky Lake with my mom’s family. & now soccer is hot & heavy again! Last night & today are tryouts, so we’ll see how this goes. Two-a-days are really getting to me though, waking up at 5 AM & then not getting home until a minimum of 10? It’s nuts, & I’m tired! But I love soccer so I don’t mind. School starts in a few weeks. August 6th, ugh. Too too early. Before then I have to finish The Scarlet Letter (AWFUL!) & some other book..I haven’t decided what I’m gonna read for AP-US History. So obviously I’ve got a jam-packed summer ahead of me to finish things off as well.


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its been some time..

im terrible at keeping anything updated..especially since i got internet on my phone and it won’t let me update on here. so i’m rarely on the computer anymore. anyway..lately things have been crazy!

to start things off we had a HUGE ice storm..and when i say HUGE i mean..well..HUGE. things might be bad if jim cantori from the weather channel comes to your hometown and is about ten miles away from your house. well as it turned out, things did get back. monday night it stormed..tuesday i lost power, didn’t have power for 10 days and was out of school for 9 school days. it was pretty insane. during this time i had some bonding time with my family, because lets face it, theres not much else you can do when theres no power four rooms in your house are warm and you can’t go anywhere. haha. it was nice though, i enjoyed it. mom and i spent the days in front of the fireplace reading books, at night i’d read then watch a movie with my siblings then read some more. in all i read i think 5 books within those two weeks. yesterday was my first day back, yikes.

one book i read was “the shack” it was AMAZING. no joke. it was fantastic. plllleeeeaassee do yourself a favor and read it.

i also read “jesus freaks vol. 2: REVOLUTIONARIES” by dc talk. it was a very interesting book. i liked it quite a bit.

peace out.

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its been a year..

its been quite a while, but you know how things are. times get busy. christmas was a beautiful mass of chaos. i loved every minute of it. i spent the sunday before performing for my church with our human video group, christmas eve at my grandparents, christmas morning at my house, lunch at my uncles, and dinner at my grandparents. the day after i had two more christmas celebrations which were quite fun, just like all the others. and the following day we had a birthday celebration! i can drive, and i got some pretty great stuff, mainly money. although connie did get me an orange & beth-beth got me a little blue man, his name is spriggles-thanks to ashley. then of course theres new years. i spent new years with devin, kyle, bethany, brad, landon, lindsey, amy, lexie & an infinite amount of others..but aren’t nearly as important in this instance, haha living in the sixties. it was great fun we had lots of laughs. and to start the year off right i was sick! yep. sick sick sick sick sick. i was throwing up until i had nothing left & was dehydrated but couldn’t hold down water, it was a rough day. but i’m better now. schools back in & we did make up finals since we had snow before break that prevented finals, yay and boo. tonight i’m babysitting and hanging out maybe hittin a couple games. who knows. hope your year is going well & hope you had an amazing christmas!

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Christmas & its entirety

’tis the season for Christmas, New Years (& their resolutions), friends, family, food, & many other things. What I’ve learned in this past week is that we cannot celebrate Christmas without the Cross. Normally the Cross is associated with Easter, but in reality isn’t that what Christmas is about? Jesus came so that he could die on the cross. So I invite y0u to think about the Cross this year during Christmas. Let’s try not to get lost in the busyness of all this mayhem known as Christmas time. It’s a wonderful time of year, but its meaning can be lost sometimes. It’s not about the presents & who gets the coolest new gadgets & trying to out-do your neighbors with the decorations. It’s about Jesus coming to us in a manger so that He could die on a cross to save us so that we can spend forever with HIM. I may not be on until the New Year, due to the fact that I have Christmases galore & a birthday coming up. So I’ll be back in ’09!! weird does that sound? To those of you planning to make New Years Resolutions..Congrats! I encourage you to keep them & not let them fall through before February like I normally do. To those of you who are not planning on having a you should rethink that. Maybe even have a small one?

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shake it like an earthquake!

here are those long awaited & promised pictures of the family force 5, tobymac, b. reith, & relient k concert.

b. reeth, b. right, naw its b. reith.

b. reith
i’ve never seen so much beauty at one time in one place i’m awe struck

goodbye humans goodbye earth i’ve left this place & all its worth

family force5
HEY! YOU! you’re blowin my mind!

fever’s got me sweatin & you know i’m burnin up

love addict
hey you did you turn up the heat? its getting hotter & i’m growin weak

whats his name again? b reeth? no its b. reith. well it should be b. reeth since its christmas time.

this was the highlight of my night

i can’t remember the name but i think it goes like la-la-la…la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la by that guy named b.reith yeah i think that was his name…play that funky song

i stole this from brittany

best picture of the night

except maybe this one

believe it or not, he posed for this one, just for me.

i was made to love you

what will people think when they hear that i’m a Jesus freak?


& that concludes a mini-segment of my pictures. these are just a couple of my favorites. i have tons more.

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winter wonder slam!

i went to winter wonder slam in nashville on friday with one of my friends. it was amazing to say the least. best concert i’ve been to, & that includes newsong which was outstanding. i’ll upload pictures later. search booxbecca for videos on youtube. they’ll be on godtube later (beccaxacceb)

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Thank You

Well, as you might have noticed I’ve taken a small break from the world of blogging lately. I’ve done some re-evaluating areas of my life. Things have been so stressful & I needed to slow down. Lucky for me I have a five day weekend 😀 & what better way to spend it than with my family giving thanks for all the blessings I’ve been given? Things are slowly coming into light. Which is fantastic news for me. Maybe some of you know what I’m saying. Well I hope that you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving, and remember what its for….giving thanks. & also remember those that won’t have all the things you will this weekend. Food, family, friends, warmth, etc. Those of you traveling–be safe!

With Blessings.

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Connections far away

Once again I had another paper to write for English. This time we had to write about someone that’s changed & shaped us. Or a place, or a feeling, etc–no events though. I wrote a paper about BigStuf & I really liked my paper, but I decided I wasn’t going to use that paper, I re-wrote it entirely. Instead I wrote about Kagwira. my Compassion Child. I’ll put it up once I have it completed. Right now it’s pretty close I’m having an old English teacher proof read it for the final time before I turn it in Monday morning. I’m really excited about it though, I love it 😀

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hope lives!

You can find hope in many situations, big & small.

I’ve become to see both hope & grace nearly everyday. Just the simple fact that I’m still alive is a sign grace, looped in with hope. Think about it, how many of us actually “deserve” to live. We’ve all sinned. It’s part of human nature, & in God’s eyes all sins are equal. That one cross word that you said is the same as if you killed someone. God forgives & shows us His love. Which is a hope for those of us that know Him, for if we know Him, we’ll get to spend eternity with Him. What a way to spend eternity! There’s no other place I’d rather spend it!!! I’ve also come to see a strong sense of hope growing in a small area of my community, this area consists of a room filled with around twenty people every Sunday. This place is a Sunday School Room. A man in my parents’ Sunday School class has been diagnosed with cancer. I’ve never seen such a bond between a group of people. No matter how things have been going for this man, he’s shone the light of Jesus. Instead of others trying to be brave for him, the exact opposite is happening, HE-the man with cancer-is being brave for all these other families. Kagwira, my compassion child, has shown me so much hope as well. She’s told me how Compassion has helped her life change & how much she loves Jesus & what he’s done for her as well. This gives me a hope for a better future for her & her community, if she can reach out to one other person & them to another, can you imagine what would happen in that community in Kenya!? WOW! I’m not sure if I should continue on or if you understand the concept of “hope” yet.


Finally, I remember just a few months ago. I knew God, I knew who He was, what He did, all of that. & I knew He was real. Yet I wasn’t submitting to Him, whether it be pride, or I just didn’t want to. Whatever the reason I just wasn’t submitting to Him. This summer Louie Giglio came & spoke at BigStuf camp & rattled my world. I realized what it was that I’d been doing, & that I wasn’t doing what God called me to do. Now I’m hoping to go on two mission trips next summer (one to Ecuador & one to Kosovo). I’ve begun to get genuinely excited about church & digging into God’s word. I’ve even had people tell me that they have noticed some changes going on in my life. THIS is my hope that God is changing me. Revealing His plan to me. Guiding me. Teaching me. & most importantly, using me to help bring others to know him.

more info: a paper i wrote for English on the subject that ended up on the HEY JACK RADIO site!!

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music galore!

music monday anyone? i thought you might like one.

Kutless is a pretty neat band. they’re a rock group that came together about 8 years ago in Portland, Oregon. Hearts of the Innocent is an amazing cd. My favorite songs off of that cd are probably Million Dollar Man & Hearts of the Innocent. I saw them in concert with my youth group while we were in Gatlinburg for a Strength to Stand Conference. They’re pretty good performers too.

BigStuf Band. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to actually count them or not…but what the heck why not? You have heard me go on & on about BigStuf if you’ve read much of my blog. (Going on in the best possible way of course) I can’t help it though I’m so in love with BigStuf & everything it provides. I’ve come to know God on a much closer personal relationship because of this camp & have been pushed to the limits here. Not to mention that the band still to this day, having heard them for five years now, brings tears to my eyes. So many memories with this band. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed & cried some more. Anyways, you can’t get all their amazing cd’s on iTunes, but  you can get them from the BigStuf Storehowever, you can get a couple from the iTunes store. I do highly recommend them. They’re a great band with a great message & their performing abilities are significant & their hearts for God are very visible. Even better, I’ve been able to meet some of them & they seem very down to Earth and sweet. Some of them include: Kristian Stanfill, James David Carter, Ben Snider, Steve Fee, Chrystina Lloree Fincher, Casey Darnell, (Chris Coleman has been featured), Neil, Slug, Davis Harwell, ect.

Now I’d like to direct your attention to a song & not necessarily a band. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m pretty sure I only have one song by the band Point of Grace. But I like what I hear. Especially the song that I do have. It’s called How You Live. It’s got a great inspiring message. Everyone should listen to it. It makes me wanna cry every time I hear it.

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